Al Ain Project
Operation and Maintenance Contract for Abu Dhabi Sewerage Service Company in the East of Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The service of Al Ain covers the Operation and Maintenance of the water facilities in the area of Al Ain City and Remote areas surrounding Al Ain for the government of Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company). The scope of works involves an area of 11,106 Km2 with a population of more than 600,000 habitants. AQUALIAMACE is responsible of the maintenance and operation of total length of sewer networks of 2,300 Km, 69 Sewerage Pumping Stations, 20 Irrigation Pumping Stations and 14 Sewerage Treatment Plants. Further of the operation and maintenance activities, AQUALIA MACE is in charge of the public Call Centre which provides service to the population of Al Ain. This contract was the first contract of sewerage O&M of AQUALIA MACE in Middle East. It started on 2012 and will finish after 7 years with the option for extension of 3 more years. In parallel to the Operation and Maintenance, AQUALIA MACE has the commitment to develop the facilities and from the beginning of the contract, several project of improvement has been developed.

Qatar Project
Al Dhakhira Sewage Treatment Works Transfer Pumipng Station and Associated Pipelines.

The project consisting of design, construction, operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment facilities, wastewater pumping stations, transfer pumping station and collectors. The new treatment plant located on the east coast of Qatar, some 60km from Doha, will handle an average flow of 56,200 m3 per day and provide service to a population of more than 200,000 residents. The project was commissioned by Ashghal (Public Works Authority) which is in charge of sewerage and wastewater treatment issues. The new contract is the second for AQUALIAMACE in this region, after the sewerage management contract in Abu Dhabi for the city of Al Ain. With this contract, the group has consolidated its presence in the Middle East in projects of the integral water cycle. The tender-winning consortium will deploy the latest technology in sewerage and wastewater treatment, using more than 35 km of pipes, with peak flows (with maximum wastewater treatment) of 168,000 m3 and a wastewater tank with capacity for 84,000 m3.

Other Projects
GASCO & Wadi Adventure

Other companies such as GASCO (Ruwais) and Wadi Adventure (Al Ain) have relied on Aqualia Mace for the management of the water treatment plants in their facilities. Gasco: Management of the Operation and Maintenance of two Treatment plants and networks, located in the administrative area. Wadi Adventure: Operation and Maintenance of the treatment plant according to the RSB criteria. The recycle water is reuse for the irrigation of the green areas of the facilities.